About Us

  • Business Way Co. Ltd. was established earlier in 2019 in Tbilisi (Capital of Georgia) to serve as executive producer in Kavkaz Territory as well as Middle East.


  • Our Vision:

        Supports filmmakers by deliver the finest product and service experience, backed by innovation, people and 

        processes and meet the demands of the international market for film makers.


  • Our Mission:

       Introduce Georgia capabilities to you as a Filmmaker, Producers or even as for a normal tourist, by providing all

       services you need from logistic services (Locations, Cameras,Technicians,Licenses, Accomodation,Transportations)

       to your daily needs like (Food, beverages, tour guide, Real Estate …..)

       so all your needs during your stay in Georgia being secured with competitive prices Plus our experience in

       the region.

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